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Scuba Travelers on BeachSnorkel with the Manatees! 17-19 Feb 2017 (Fri-Sun). $249 ppdo. Plantation on Crystal River. Dive boat trip optional.

"Break Loose in Beautiful Belize" 11-18 Mar 2017. $1427 ppdo. Ramon's Village Resort. Six 2-tank boat trips.

"Drift West Palm Beach" 4-8 May 2017 (Thurs-Mon). Only $579 ppdo. Three 2-tank boat trips.

Dry Tortugas Spearfishing Liveaboard 4-days on the water: 25-28 Aug 2017. Cost TBD (coming soon)

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Fly and Sea Partner

Is there someplace else you'd rather travel? Discovery Dive World has established a unique dive travel partnership with Fly & Sea Dive Adventures, where they can offer you a free quote for some personalized travel plans.

We can help you with your individual dive travel needs. Click here for a free travel quote.

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Travel Insurance LogoTravel Insurance is available online through our travel agency partner, Fly & Sea Dive Adventures...
click here for a free quote.

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Oriskany Flag Salute

We periodically schedule trips to the Oriskany and the Lulu.

Call for details... (850) 678-5001