2014 Gulf Coast Reef Hunter 4th Annual
Spearfishing Tournament Results
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Official Tournament Results Doc

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Spearfishing Tournament Stage

We hope you had as much fun as we did.
Thanks to all our spearo's for an awesome tournament in 2014!


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North Light Marina Special Thanks to North Light Marina for the
awesome ven
ue in 2014!

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Ocean Rhino SPeargun

Grouper Champion

Jim Hecker
15.56 (gutted) Red Grouper.

Jim won an RX-4 Speargun w/kill package!Ocean Rhino Logo


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Aqua Luing Calypso RegulatorGrouper Runner-up

John Garland
15.21-lb (gutted) Gag Grouper.

John won an Aqua Lung Calypso Underwater Kinetics LogoRegulator Set!


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Ocean Rhino Spear GunSnapper Champion

Marty Schmeider
5.25-lb (gutted) Black Snapper.

Marty won a Zeagle Stiletto BCD!Zeagle

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Sherwood Gemini Octo

Snapper Runner-up

Mike "Adrian" Guidry
5.11-lb (gutted) Black Snapper.

Adrian won a Cressi MC5 Regulator!

Sherwood Logo

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Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BCD

Triggerfish Champion

Travis Siegwart
5.82-lb (gutted) Grey Triggerfish.

Travis won a Sherwood Profile Computer Console !

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Triggerfish Runner-up

Sully Sullivan
5.44-lb (gutted) Grey Triggerfish.

Sully won a Mares Gun Bag!

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JBL Speargun Bag

Flounder Champion

Ben Plenge
1.67-lb (gutted) Flounder.

Ben won a Mares Viper Gun with Reel!

Zeagle Logo

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Cressi Leonardo Wrist ComputerLionfish Champion

William Pearson
23.2-lbs of Lionfish (27 Lionfish).

William won an Underwater Kinetics C8 Dive Light !

Zeagle Logo

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Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer

Warrior Category Champion
(Active Duty Military)

Chris Prem
17.28 Amberjack.

Chris Won a pair of Atomic Blade Fins!

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