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You Can Use Your G.I. Bill® To Get Dive Certified at Discovery Dive World!

DDW is proud to announce that we are licensed through the VA to offer Dive Training certifications through NAUI’s VA Approved G.I. Bill® program!

Available to all active duty and retired military members and family members that have G.I. Bill® eligibility.

What courses are available using your G.I. Bill®? Well, Just about all of them!
Call or stop by to learn more and register for your courses. You earned it!

NAUI VA Exam Catalog - Certifications

Basic Scuba Certification
  • Open Water Scuba Diver

  • Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

  • Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid


Advanced Scuba Certification

  • Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver

  • O2 Provider

  • Plus one elective


Rescue Scuba Diver Certification

  • Rescue Scuba Diver

  • Search and Recovery Diver

  • NEURO Assessment


Helpful Links and Forms

Master Scuba Diver Certification
  • Master Scuba Diver

  • Training Assistant

  • Deep Dive


Dive Instructor

Become a trained and qualified professional Dive Instructor


Assistant Dive Instructor

Become a trained and qualified professional Assistant Dive Instructor


Dive Master

NAUI's highest leadership-level certification with the exception of Instructor


Instructor Trainer

A formal NAUI leadership designation

Direct Instructor Staff and Trng Programs


Public Safety Diver

Join volunteer or paid local public safety dive teams



How Do I Use My G.I. Bill to get Certified at DDW?

1. Confirm your G.I. Bill® eligibility.

VA education benefits can help you train toward a profession outside of the military and DoD. If you’re an active-duty service member or Veteran, a member of the National Guard or Reserves, or a qualified survivor or dependent, find out if you can get VA education benefits through the G.I. Bill® .

To apply for your G.I. Bill® benefits, visit: and follow the instructions.

If you already registered with the VA, simply find out how much time of eligibility you have. You can find out here:

G.I. Bill benefits typically remain eligible for 15 years after retirement, but you should check your specific eligibility to be sure.

2. Schedule your SCUBA Course at Discovery Dive World.

Simply bring your VA statement of benefits to DDW and sign up for the dive classes of your choice!

3. After the Completion of Your Dive Course, DDW will provide you the documents you’ll need for your VA reimbursement.
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DDW's NAUI G.I. Bill ® Program Overview

DDW's NAUI G.I. Bill ® Program Overview:

The NAUI G.I. Bill ® program is designed for veterans, by veterans.
Discovery Dive World is a Platinum NAUI Dive Center with VA authorization to offer dive certifications for active-duty service members, retirees, or family member(s) that have the G.I. Bill® benefits.

You can be reimbursed for certifications and licensing through Discovery Dive World! Restrictions follow the same guidelines as the VA licensing and certification reimbursement program – please refer to this website

Service members are able to use one month of G.I. Bill® benefits per class and can progress as far as they want, from basic dive certification through professional (paid) SCUBA diving licensing. These VA courses include four (4) certifications and nine (9) licenses!

Professional training includes Divemaster, Diving Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and Course Director - these professional licenses are true vocational programs and can provide well-paid, full-time employment.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

These VA pre-approved courses can be viewed at the VA website (enter NAUI to start your search):

All of these programs are complete NAUI dive certification courses! … dive certification card and everything!

Below are some helpful resources where you can learn more about NAUI courses and some helpful pdf's..

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Call for details and to register today! (850) 678-5001
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