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Referral Benefits

Discovery Dive World Florida Referral Benefits for certified divers and new students
A Win-Win referral program for certified divers and new students alike!

Did you know that you can refer a future dive buddy to get certified and earn $50 at Discovery Dive World? You can! And when you do, the student diver also earns a $100 credit toward the purchase of his/her regulator combo set!

It's Simple... Grab a few cards and pass them along!

Discovery Dive World Destin FL Referral Card Front

Just print your name on the front of the referral card and hand it to anybody you know that's thinking about getting dive certified. When they come in to register for a class, they hand us the card and you instantly earn $50 off your next equipment purchase, or you can choose to apply the credit towards your next air or nitrox tank fills!

So what's in it for them? Plenty! The student will receive $100 toward their initial regulator/computer set purchase. Students are eligible to purchase with the savings as soon as they register for the class, and up to 60 days from the class start date.

Referral Card Back
To Learn more, call Discovery Dive World at (850) 678-5001.
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