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Where Does the Florida Mandate Leave Us?

A Florida mandate is in effect from 3 through 30 April. The mandate is basically what's referred to as a "stay-at-home" order. Being outdoors for certain activities is allowed, such as shopping, exercise and recreation, within social distancing guidelines. What does it mean and where does it leave us? And what level of service makes sense as we seek to protect our customers and our staff... and is it OK to continue to SCUBA dive?

The answer is YES! We had to make some changes, so here's what we're doing about it, with YOU in mind...

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Many of us may have more free time on our hands. Despite how it got here, it's unfortunate that it comes in this restricting environment. This doesn't mean you can't, or shouldn't, scuba dive! In fact, this may be the best opportunity you've had in a long time to enjoy this sport like you always wished you had. And we're here to support you!

DDW will continue to support the dive community under the following guidelines:

  • Our dive shop will remain staffed during normal business hours, and the front door will remain closed to foot traffic.
  • Drive-through Gear Service and Tank Service.
    • We will continue to provide Tank Service, to include VIPs, Fills and Hydros.
    • We will continue to rent dive tanks.
    • We will continue to provide Regulator and BCD Service and Repairs.
    • How it works... It's super simple. Call us when you arrive at the dive shop (850-678-5001). We'll unlock the fence on the back porch deck and meet you so you can drop off (or pick up) your service or rental gear. For tank fills: We ENCOURAGE everyone to purchase a Fill Card, which is a discounted, pre-paid 10-fill card that gets punched per fill. Simply call us with a credit card over the phone and we'll manage the card for you over time. NOTE: due to routine periodic maintenance (bank tank hydro testing), currently we can only accommodate AIR fills.
  • Other rentals (besides tanks) are temporarily discontinued.

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  • Sign up for a Nitrox Class Online! This certification is predominantly academic, so once you complete the online course, you're 90% there! The final top off portion can be completed as soon as the restriction is lifted. Learn more...
  • Drive Through Gear Purchases! That's right. Call us (850-678-5001) or email us about whatever you need, and we'll have it waiting for you, with bells on, at the shop. We also are offering free shipping on certain purchases. We will meet and beat any legitimate price online, ANYWHERE. So take advantage of this unique time to choose some gear and feel good about knowing that you're getting the best possible price... and a full manufacturer warranty, not to mention the dedicated, honest, professional support you've come to know and love from us.
  • Charters are off the menu until 1 May.

Call Discovery Dive World at (850) 678-5001.