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Discovery Dive World Membership Benefits and Savings

Membership Benefits

A Win-Win referral program for certified divers and new students alike!
Membership has Benefits! Now you can enjoy organized local diving adventures with an experienced diver in the lead, and qualify for six discount incentives at DDW! Become a Discovery Dive Crew Member Today... Dive more! Save More! $45 annual membership. Check out these great benefits.

Complete this form and register at Discovery Dive World today! Forms are also available at the dive shop.
Discovery Dive World  Membership benefits in Valparaiso Florida
  • Summary of Benefits
    Rule # 1: This is about FUN! (not board meetings :-) The Dive Crew is designed to meet the needs expressed by our loyal patrons. You spoke, and we listened. "Show me the more diving opportunities." DDW will lead the way on group dives to a variety of great local scuba adventures. Many divers journey far to enjoy some of the great ocean wreck dives and freshwater dives we have available right here in our backyard, like Ginnie Springs, and others. You'll receive an advance personal email invite detailing each adventure.Join as many or as few as you want. You'll also receive great benefits and discounts... like every day discounts on rental gear, free monthly tank fills, gear purchase cash discounts, equipment service discounts, PADI Dive Cert incentives, and reward points on EVERY purchase! Joining is easy: fill out our membership form and bring it to Discovery Dive World with your membership fee. Join Today - Dive More & Save More!
  • Cash Discounts on Dive Gear!
    Members immediately qualify to save on gear purchases with a 10% cash discount! There is no limit to the number of purchases. As long as your membership is current, you continue to save. This means you save about $50 on a BCD or Dive Computer purchase, or roughly $30 on wetsuits or mask-fin-skorkel sets. Dive tanks and PADI products excluded. May not be combined with other discounts.
  • Earn Reward Points and Save on Purchases!
    As soon as you join the Dive Crew, You Earn Reward Points with every purchase ! There are no purchase exclusions... dive travel, certifications, gear purchases, rental gear, equipment service, you name it! Every dollar earns reward points. Redeem Your Points same-as-cash at Discovery Dive World... valid toward the purchase of any product or service we have to offer... no redemption exclusions! In fact, you can spend your reward points any time in the future, even in the unlikely event that you choose to discontinue membership. Your points are yours to keep and spend whenever you choose. 100 points=1 dollar. no cash value. points are non-transferrable.
  • Equipment Rental Savings and Service Discounts
    Not ready to cash in on the gear purchase savings yet? We gotcha covered! Benefit immediately with a 10% discount on all your gear rentals. No limit, and no exceptions. Whenever you rent dive gear... tanks, BCs, wetsuits, regulators... you always save 10%. Whether you're joining some of our organized local Crew dives, or forging out for some scuba adventure of your own, you "never don't" get the discount. Members also automatically receive an exclusive 10% labor discount for any regulator or BCD annual service. Own a tank? Once per month you'll receive a free fill...Air or Nitrox!
  • PADI Certification Incentives
    Are you ready for that next step in furthering your dive skills? Take advantage of our Dive Crew PADI Certification incentive... Make a one-time purchase on any new BC-Reg-Console combo and 100% of the instructor fee is waived for PADI Advanced, Rescue, Nitrox, or Underwater Hunter Certification! Let's look at how the Dive Crew membership benefits you on multiple levels. Say you choose a gear package retailing at $1200 and register for an Advanced certification. Three benefits kick in for you. First, with cash, you save $120 on the gear. The cost of the Advanced cert drops from $225 to $155 ($70 discount). You saved $190, PLUS you added 1,235 reward points to your running total. You just QUADRUPLED your $45 "investment" in the membership and can rest at ease knowing that your first tank fill every month is absolutely free! Complete this form and register at Discovery Dive World today! (Forms also available at the dive shop)
To learn more about Dive Crew Memberships, call us at (850) 678-5001.
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